Accident research since 1999

We – the Institute for Traffic Accident Research at Dresden University of Technology (Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbH, abbreviated form VUFO) – has been investigating road accidents resulting in personal injury since July 1999. For each accident we collect average 3,400 items of data which we comprehensively document and then analyse. This provides us with sound statistics which can be used as the basis for the further development and improved safety of vehicles. However, our traffic accident research also serves to review road and junction types and to draw up proposals for redesigning unsafe elements of the road network.

Through our many years of collaboration with strong partners, mainly in the vehicle manufacturing industry, we contribute towards reducing the numbers of accidents, limiting damage and injury and optimising the emergency services.

In addition, we offer seminars, certificate courses and road safety training events in which we provide initial and further education and training. The master’s degree programme in Traffic Accident Research and Vehicle Safety can also be taken through VUFO.

Research & Development

VUFO is both a research institute and a development service provider. In addition to the field of vehicle development, VUFO is also active in the spheres of traffic psychology and software development.



As an educational institution VUFO offers numerous training and professional development courses. These include a variety of certificate courses, road safety training events and a master’s degree programme.



In collaboration with Trans4mation IT GmbH, VUFO has developed software that is suitable for the collection, analysis and processing of data relating to accidents. Find out more about tools such as Unidato, Gidas-Browser and DefDesc.



Since 1999 VUFO has been engaged in road traffic accident research in and around Dresden. Through the continuous work of VUFO, the research institute makes a significant contribution to the safety of road traffic.



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2017 - Performance of restraint systems in accidents - does every occupant benefit equally from the measures? (ESV)

In the light of more active safety systems and autonomous driving

provided on: 27.07.2017


2017 - Potentialabschätzung zur weiteren Reduktion von Schwerstverletzten und Getöteten

Eine kontinuierliche Abnahme der Unfall-, Verunglückten- und

provided on: 27.07.2017


2015 IRCOBI - Creation of pre-crash simulations in global traffic accident scenarios based on the iGLAD database

Abstract: Due to the globalized development of vehicles and advanced driver

provided on: 08.05.2017



2. IEEE 5G Summit Dresden

By:Katja Bathow-Wels 21.09.2017

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European Mobility Week

By:Katja Bathow-Wels 15.09.2017

The European Mobility Week (EMW) is a campaign of the European Commission and has been held since 2002 every year from 16 to 22 September. European cities and municipalities are called upon to devote themselves to the subject of...[more]



Press release: MeBeSafe ? Making traffic safer through behaviour-changing nudging measures[more]

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