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2004 - Equal Effectiveness Study on Pedestrian Protection


This study compares the potential for the reduction of pedestrian casualties based on EEVC WG17 suggestions with the combination of phase 1 and Brake Assist Systems (BAS).
Step 1 of this study is an analysis of the pedestrian upper leg impactor test, proposed
by EEVC Working Group 17 to investigate the effect of recent car front-end designs
on the injury risk to the pelvis and upper leg. The dataset consists of
GIDAS/MUH data between 1985 and 2003.
Step 2 summarises and assesses available effectiveness studies, to identify the most
appropriate study as reference method for benefit calculations. Each study was
analysed, focussing on three main criteria: the method of calculation, the up-to-dateness of the data and the quality of the data source.
The entire benefit calculation of combined primary and secondary safety
measures is based on case by case analyses. Conservative assumptions, which
generally underestimate benefits, were used to derive the minimum effectiveness.

authors: L.Hannawald, F.Kauer
Dresden, 2003



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