Data Sources

GIDAS – German Accident In-Depth Study

The „German Accident In-Depth Study“ (GIDAS) will be evaluated by the team of data analyses upon the request of the customer. Based on this data base, analyses of individual cases can be carried out. In this extent, individual pictures will be analysed.

IGLAD – International Road Accident Data Base

The „Initiative for the Global Harmonisation of Accident Data“ (IGLAD), an international road accident data base, comprises of accident data from twelve countries. The international sequence of events during road accidents can be shown when evaluating IGLAD data. We are not just involved in the maintenance of IGLAD but also have the necessary expertise to conduct IGLAD analyses.

Official Road Traffic Accident Statistics

Official road traffic accident statistics are, in general, so-called data collections which do not include random samples, i.e. data of every road accident that happened in a country will be collected under the same terms. In doing so, the level of detail is, in general, lower than in in-depth road accident studies carried out by GIDAS. The analysis of this data can also be carried out by the VUFO. Foreign or international statistics can also be analysed by us upon an order made by the customer.

FARS – Statistic of US Road Traffic Fatalities

Information on the sequence of events during road accidents in the United States of America are processed by the VUFO.
Therefore, we are able to evaluate the data base „Fatality Analysis Reporting System“ (FARS). This will be of special interest when in-depth findings from road traffic fatalities will be obtained. Finally, the FARS data base annually comprises of approximately 40,000 road accidents resulting in deaths.

In general, we have other data sources at our disposal, such as IRTAD, KBA data, and police accident data from the State of Saxony.


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