Accident Reconstruction

The process of a traffic accident will be analyze considering physical limits at reconstruction of traffic accidents. The detailed, true to scaled accident sketches is the basis of reconstruction, which can be done two- or three-dimensional. At first were looked at the pictures, which were done from the crashed vehicles, accident place, traces of participants.

Damages of participant 1
Figure 1: Damages of Participant 1
Damage to participant 2
Figure 2: Damage to participant 2
Track position
Figure 3: Track position

Following the computer-assisted accident reconstruction with the program PC-Crash© will be done. At these process the velocities before, at and after the collision will be analyzed considering physical, collision and accidental facts.

Accident course
Figure 4: Accident course

The results of the reconstruction will be velocities, path-time characteristics, acceleration or deceleration and collision parameters. These whole parameters will be transmitted at the GIDAS database. Afterwards the data set will be used for traffic accident investigates.