Data analysis by VUFO – thorough and comprehensive

GIDAS, in which VUFO is involved, conducts statistical surveys concerning approximately 2,000 accidents per year. Thus, VUFO has access to a large accident database containing a huge amount of data, which can be used for analysis.

As a result, questions relating to many different fields, including vehicle development, the improvement of traffic infrastructure and the emergency services can be answered in detail. For accidents that happen and are analysed today can bring about new ideas for the traffic safety of tomorrow!

The accident database provides a good basis for answering specific questions. The analysis of the data is conducted with reference to such factors as the influence of age, the road conditions and accident avoidance. Our data and their analysis provide the vehicle manufacturing and supplier industries with important information for the optimisation of vehicle safety. VUFO carries out efficiency and potential analyses, for example concerning driver information and driver assistance systems, creates Simulations and conducts cost-benefit analyses. Furthermore, VUFO carries out detailed case analyses and statistical evaluations, as well as uni- and multivariate data analyses using SPSS and SAS.