We conduct data collection and accident reconstruction in completely digital form

Since 1999 VUFO has been collecting accident data as part of the GIDAS project. Accidents involving personal injury are investigated and thoroughly documented, with average 3,400 individual items of data being recorded. The data are collected by four-strong teams consisting of two technicians, one physician and a coordinator. This ensures that all relevant data are included, from the conditions prevailing at the scene to the equipment of and damage to the vehicles. The teams collect additional data by questioning those involved and by conducting a detailed survey of the accident scene.

The data is collected in completely digital form using the software (UNIDATO). This ensures optimum work flow on the part of VUFO. The collection of data is followed by reconstruction of the accident. Here, the entire sequence of events in the accident is simulated, from the moment of initiation via the collision up to the point when the vehicles came to a standstill after the accident.

Accident reconstruction therefore also determines characteristic variables such as brake decelerations, running-in and collision speeds as well as angle changes. Despite the collection of large amounts of data, data protection is guaranteed at all times!