15.09.2017 07:22 Age: 2 Jahr(e)
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By: Katja Bathow-Wels

European Mobility Week

The European Mobility Week (EMW) is a campaign of the European Commission and has been held since 2002 every year from 16 to 22 September. European cities and municipalities are called upon to devote themselves to the subject of sustainable mobility for a week. The aim is to sensitize citizens to their environmentally friendly mobility and to integrate them into everyday life (also through the action week), to draw attention to traffic problems and to find environmentally compatible solutions. This year's motto is "Sharing get you further!".

For official registration, the participating municipality must implement at least one of the three components of the EMW:

  • Week of activities: A week of activities and events will be held, which will draw attention to sustainable mobility and the annual motto.
  • Permanent action: At least one practical, long-term measure that encourages people to opt for sustainable mobility should be implemented or implemented during the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK.
  • 3rd carfree Day: The carfree day takes place on 22 September. On this day, one or more streets should be closed for car traffic and opened to people. There are no specifications for the length of the blocked streets (sections). They should, however, be large enough to show citizens the benefits of safe public spaces.

The participating municipalities are supported by the European Commission and the respective national coordination offices. The local national coordination center is the environmental association (

VUFO also supports this EMW and holds, among other things, your employees to sign the "Pledge" (enrollment) at On 21 September 2017, the European Day Without a Road Death (EDWARD) - a European Day without Traffic Consignment, initiated by TISPOL (Traffic Information System Police) will take place in the framework of the EMW. We hope, however, not only to record traffic on 21.09.2017 and to contribute with our work daily to the improvement of the traffic safety and thus reduce the number of traffic / traffic accidents generally.