unique accident database with a wide range of data


In the scope of GIDAS, statistical data collections are carried out in regard to approximately 2,000 road accidents per year. A large and very important accident data base with a multiplicity of data is available to us for our analysis.

Therefore, questions resulting from the most different fields of road safety can be answered comprehensively.

Furthermore, the VUFO team of data analysts can resort to a multiplicity of other data sources. In addition to the analysis of a multiplicity of international statistics, analyses are also possible by means of the „Initiative for the Global Harmonisation of Accident Data“ (IGLAD) accident data base.

Accident Questions Tomorrow

Following the introduction of new vehicle technologies and mobility concepts, the traffic situations and, therefore, also the sequence of events during road accidents will constantly change. Our expert team has been conducting research for many years and can adapt to planned or developed functionality changes in road traffic.

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Data Sources

Here we present our data sources, which include GIDAS, IGLAD, official traffic accident statistics, and FARS.

Analysis Methods

Here you will shortly find information on the methodology of statistical representativeness, weighting as well as extrapolation. We also present descriptive analyses as well as individual case analyses.


Injury Risk Functions

The evaluation of risk of injury is in the field of vehicle safety highly important in order to understand the mechanisms of injury, the definition of protective criteria or the transmission of simulation results to real accident scenarios.