Data Collection

digital data collection via UNIDATO software

Data Collection

The VUFO data collection team works directly on the ground at scenes of collision just after the accident has happened. In addition to the established acquisition of accident data, we enhance the most diverse topics in the field of investigations into road traffic collisions.

GIDAS Traffic Accident Research Project

Since 1999 approximately 1,000 road accidents have been documented in GIDAS accident research project in Greater Dresden. The VUFO team collects general statistical, medical and technological data. Following the processing of the data and the image processing, a reconstruction will be carried out for each case.



GIDAS-PCM is a data base with simulated road collision scenarios which is based on the GIDAS data base and the PCM format. It can be used for the analysis of real accident data and for the interpretation and evaluation of ADAS and HAF.

3D Data Acquisition

The classical development of a sketch on the spot will increasingly be complemented by modern methods of 3D acquisition of data on the scene of the accident. The VUFO actively follows the development in this field and devises an operating process on the 3D acquisition of data at the scene of the collision based on laser scans, photogrammetry or drone flights.

Auslesen am Fahrzeug

Collection of Electronic Data

Modern vehicles are regulated by a multiplicity of electronic systems which in case of an accident can also intervene. In order to objectively describe accidents with these vehicles, the VUFO has retrieved electronic data of vehicles involved in accidents and evaluated the data gathered in the scope of collision reconstruction since 2017.

Special Surveys

Current issues require investigations to be conducted in a more timely manner. Our data collection team conducts various surveys in the environment of the traffic accident:

  • Surveys
  • Traffic observations
  • Censuses
  • special data collections

For inquiries and further information on our special surveys, please contact us! We are also available to advise you as a project partner.