Accident questions tomorrow

Following the introduction of new vehicle technologies and mobility concepts, the traffic situations and, therefore, also the sequence of events during road accidents will constantly change. Our expert team has been conducting research for many years and can adapt to planned or developed functionality changes in road traffic.

What are we working on?

To answer precise questions, our access to data bases provide a good source. The analysis of data will, for example, be carried out in regard to the influences of age, road conditions or the avoidance of accidents. Our analyses provide our project partners with important information on the optimisation of road traffic and vehicle safety. In detail, the VUFO carries out effective and potential analyses, e.g. for driver information systems or driver assistance systems, develop simulations and calculate cost-value ratios. Moreover, we provide detailed analyses on individual cases, statistical evaluations and univariate and multivariate data analyses.

What do we offer you?

We study your questions in regard to the sequence of events during road accidents and traffic situations by means of collision data and derive safety potentials and formulate suggestions for improvement to optimise safety.


We are looking forward to your inquiry! As a contact person Thomas Unger is at your disposal.