Virtual function development / validation of ADAS/AD

What are we working on?

The complexity for the development and validation of new ADAS/AD functionalities is constantly increasing. In order to be able to analyze and evaluate the benefits and functional safety of such systems at an early time, the simulation of the function in a real accident situation is essential.

What do we offer you?

We support your development and validation in the area of ADAS/AD functionalities. In coordination with you, we will define the functions and limits of the system, as well as possibilities for transferring it into the simulation environment. Afterwards, the simulation of the system can take place within different real and generic accident scenarios with different parameter sets. Parameters of the system as well as of the accident scenario can be varied. The final step is the evaluation and classification of the results.


Do you have any questions about virtual function development? We are looking forward to your inquiry! As contact person Thomas Unger is at your disposal.